Why do the world's growing B2B teams trust Chili Piper so much?

Inside Chili Piper: Comprehensive Feature Overview

Chili Piper is the market-leading inbound conversion technology that powers today's rapidly expanding B2B teams. It offers a quick and effective handoff from Marketing to Sales by providing rapid routing, booking, and handoff capabilities. Listed below are some of its features which make it the most trusted platform for B2B teams: Instant Booker: A scheduling solution for revenue representatives that want to turn leads into meetings quickly by leveraging powerful automation and qualifying rules. Handoff: allows your team to easily transfer the baton from one person to the next, instantly connecting customers with a sales rep. Eliminates friction: Prospects may plan appointments with a simple click, automating a series of reminders and emails until the meeting begins. It, additionally, ensures that prospects do not have to manually track no-shows and helps in tracking down abandoned meetings. Chili Piper Pricing Chili Piper provides reasonable and competitive prices; its prices begin at: Instant Booker: $15 per month per user Form Concierge: $150+ per month for the platform plus $30 per user each month. Distro: $20 per month per user Handoff: $25 per user/month

Engage Deeper: Chili Piper Interactive Demo - Instant Booker

Ready for a more hands-on exploration? Engage with Chili Piper's Shows the overall features of Chili Piper that helps in easing the communication aspect for users. Explore dynamic functionalities by diving into the experience now!


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