How to Use Cody, the AI Coding Assistant, to Boost Your Productivity

Maximize Sourcegraph’s Cody Feature for Productive and Efficient Coding

Sourcegraph is a web-based code search and code intelligence platform that semantically indexes and analyzes large codebases. But did you know that Sourcegraph also has an AI coding assistant named Cody that can help you read, write, and understand code faster? Cody is a natural language interface that lets you interact with Sourcegraph using voice or text. You can ask Cody any code-related question, and it will use GPT-3, the most advanced language model in the world, to generate an answer. Here are some of the things that Cody can do for you: You can ask Cody to search for any code snippet, function, or variable across your repositories, branches, and code hosts. You can ask Cody to explain any code concept, syntax, or error message in plain English\nYou can ask Cody to suggest code improvements, refactorings, or best practices. You can ask Cody to write code for you based on your specifications or examples. You can ask Cody to test, debug, or deploy your code. Cody is a smart and friendly coding companion that can save you time and effort. You can use Cody on the web, on your desktop, or on your mobile device. You can also customize Cody’s voice, personality, and preferences. Cody is currently in beta and available for early access. If you want to try Cody out, you can request an invite here.

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Ready for a more hands-on exploration? Engage with Sourcegraph's It tries to factor in the context of your project’s code to give you relevant responses.. Explore dynamic functionalities by diving into the experience now!


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